About Us

Who We Are 

We are a small community pharmacy located in the heart of East Scarborough. We are the last remaining family-owned and focused pharmacy in the Kingston and Galloway area.


Our vision is for patients to empower themselves and be in charge of their own health. We want patients to be in the center and help others around them.


Our mission is to improve the health outcomes and quality of life of our patients through health promotion and patient empowerment. We put our patients first and strive to provide the best possible pharmacy experience. 

Our Core Principles:

  • Ethical Standards:
    • Abiding by the highest level of care outlined by the profession and professional associations. We put our patients first and collaborate with other stakeholders (i.e. doctors, nurses, and dentists) to make sure our products and services are delivered in a safe and effective manner 
  • Standards of Practice:
    • At Guildview Pharmacy, we go above and beyond the NAPRA Standards of Pharmacy Practice. Our pharmacists maintain the utmost professionalism, maintain up to date knowledge of pharmacy practice and therapeutic knowledge, maintain our duty to the patient and society and provide independent therapeutic opinions to other healthcare professionals 

How We Are Different Than Any Other Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy

  • We can deliver to those with extenuating health conditions 
  • Able to do custom orders 
  • Have significantly shorter wait times  
  • Provide pharmacy services in multiple languages (Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.)
  • Putting patients first. Focus on building long-standing relationships and starting a conversation about your health 
  • COVID-19 Protective Measures 
  • Supporting Our Community 
    • Toronto Community Housing ​
    • Diabetes Canada 

We Wanna Hear From You

Tell us about your latest experience, recommend different services we should add, need any questions answered? Just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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