Sifting Through Information on the Internet

We live in an age of information expansion. Every day, new information comes to the surface and we are made aware of it without any noticeable effort on our part. The process of dissemination of information really took momentum with the advent of the printing press, and since then it has only accelerated. Thanks toContinue reading “Sifting Through Information on the Internet”

Consumer’s Rights in Health Care

As a patient in Canada, you play an important role in our health care system. Therefore, it is imperative to know about the rights and responsibilities you have. Responsibilities It is your responsibility to Collaborate with the staff in the assessment and improvement of your health. This includes sharing relevant information about your needs FollowContinue reading “Consumer’s Rights in Health Care”

Benefits of Having a Local Pharmacy

There are many benefits involved in going to your local pharmacy. Here are a few: Personalized Advice Using the same local pharmacy mean that your medical records are readily available. In addition, the staff are aware of your health needs and the medicine you need to take. Because of this the pharmacist can help addressContinue reading “Benefits of Having a Local Pharmacy”

Public vs. Clinical Health

Public health deals with the health of the community. On the other hand, clinical health encompasses the clinical aspects of an individual’s care. It focuses more your personal well-being. This includes clinical investigation, diagnostic tests, diagnostic assessments, treatment, and prognosis. In public health the primary focus is populations. There is an emphasis on prevention, healthContinue reading “Public vs. Clinical Health”

Social Health. What is it?

You know about mental health and physical health but what about social health? You could be eating healthy and exercising but still missing a vital health component. Social health entails our ability to interact and form meaningful relationships with others. It relates to how comfortably we can adapt in social situations. Social relationships have aContinue reading “Social Health. What is it?”

Services your Pharmacist can Provide to you

Pharmacies serve as the primary access points in health care. If you have an ailment, your first contact is likely with a pharmacist. Even if you don’t have an illness, you are probably still in contact with your pharmacist, perhaps for the collection of your medications or to talk about a side effect you recentlyContinue reading “Services your Pharmacist can Provide to you”

7 Hats a Pharmacist Wears

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists have served actively on front lines along with other health care workers. From keeping the doors of their pharmacies open as primary care centres to collaborating with physicians and nurse practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists have been working hard to ensure that their patients continue to receive adequate care.Continue reading “7 Hats a Pharmacist Wears”

Evolving Health Care in Ontario

The pandemic of COVID-19 has struck us in an unfortunate way. A lot of Canadians lost their loved ones and many of us dealt with issues we had never dealt with before. We have been seeing a rise in cases related to compromised mental and physical health. We are seeing businesses going down and mostContinue reading “Evolving Health Care in Ontario”

Coping with COVID-19: Mental Health

During this time of uncertainty and change, it can be exceedingly difficult to cope. Major stressors in your life can cause for a decline in your mental health. The stress from COVID-19 can disrupt us from our daily routine. This may result in the take up of habits that further decline your mental health. Therefore,Continue reading “Coping with COVID-19: Mental Health”

Coping with COVID-19 – Physical Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a change in many people’s lives. Because of the pandemic it can be increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy routine. This can cause for a major decline in your physical health. Many of us find ourselves losing track of time during quarantine. If you are experiencing crisis, please call 911Continue reading “Coping with COVID-19 – Physical Health”