Reach Your Health and Wellness

Hey there, are you ready to level up your health and wellness? With the rise of self-care, it’s never been more important to prioritize your well-being. But how should you start? Enter your local pharmacy! That’s right, the place you pick up prescriptions can be a hub for health information. Let’s explore how pharmacists canContinue reading “Reach Your Health and Wellness”

Lab Results – eHealth Ontario

Digital health records have changed the timeless waits of getting your lab results, previous prescription records and scans as well as saving time going from one clinic or hospital to another. As the previous post had mentioned, eHealth Ontario is an online secure database that gives access to patient’s health records, including medical history, labContinue reading “Lab Results – eHealth Ontario”

Dealing with anxiety?

Feeling anxious?  It can feel overwhelming to deal and manage emotions. This is very normal, in fact everyone can feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety is actually a beneficial psychological response that is critical for our survival.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Fight or Flight” response. Perhaps you are facing and unusual situation; typicallyContinue reading “Dealing with anxiety?”

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Mental Health is a realm of our overall health that we all should pay close attention to. Mental Health is a state of wellbeing for one’s mind. It includes, one’s emotional, social and psychological well-being. Mental Health can also be affected by stress, environmental pressure, lack of social circle, unhealthy eating and living habits suchContinue reading “Bell Let’s Talk Day”

Urinary Tract Infections: How do I know I have A UTI?

Did you know that about ¼ of our blood supply enters the kidney per minute for filtration and about 150-180 liters of blood per day is filtered through the glomerulus. Of the filtered, about 90% is reclaimed. According to the body’s needs, essential nutrients are reabsorbed, and the wastes are secreted from the tubules to be voided as urine. Urine is temporarily stored in the bladder and then moves into through the urethra where it is voided. Urine is sterile when itContinue reading “Urinary Tract Infections: How do I know I have A UTI?”

Connecting your healthcare: Clinical Viewer

With our pharmacy’s approach of modernizing and optimizing medicine and our focus on patient experience, we are constantly adding new formats to connect with our clients’ health.  The ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer is a new platform that the pharmacy is implementing into our services. This system is a secure, web-based portal that provides real-time access to digitalContinue reading “Connecting your healthcare: Clinical Viewer”

A Deeper Look into Type One Diabetes

 Type 1 Diabetes; formerly known as Juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes typically affects children and young adults but can be seen at any age. The main cause is not exactly known but believed to be an autoimmune disorder (the body sees itself as foreign substance and attempts to fight it). Other supporting factors include viral, hereditary, environmental, and drugs.   Pathophysiology  Our body uses up glucose through the food we eat or from stored glucose (glycogen) found in the liver and skeletal muscles. After eating food, theContinue reading “A Deeper Look into Type One Diabetes”

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder indicated by short pauses of abnormal breathing while sleeping. These pauses, also known as “apneas” or “apnea events”, typically happen multiple times throughout the night, lasting for around 10 to 30 seconds each time. Statistics Canada have found sleep apnea is associated with many diseases, such as heartContinue reading “What is Sleep Apnea?”

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects about 3.8 million Canadians and about 200,000 more are diagnosed annually. It is a chronic condition affecting one’s blood sugar levels due to the body’s inability to regulate insulin. The most common type of diabetes in Canadians is type 2. Diabetes is associated with many other health conditions, such as, cardiovascular disease, renalContinue reading “Living with Type 2 Diabetes”