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Digital health records have changed the timeless waits of getting your lab results, previous prescription records and scans as well as saving time going from one clinic or hospital to another. As the previous post had mentioned, eHealth Ontario is an online secure database that gives access to patient’s health records, including medical history, lab results and diagnostic images. This makes it easier for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and or health practitioners to access a patient’s file and also has made it easier for patients to walk in to other clinics and hospitals without any required previous health documentation for the doctors reference. 

One of the benefits of eHealth Ontario and its records is that it is accurate, up to date and efficient. This way, when you have a blood test done at a lab, the results are uploaded on to eHealth Ontario and you can get lab result consultations from any clinic, doctor, pharmacist, nurse and or health practitioner. 

On that note, what exactly are lab results? Laboratory results are obtained through the analysis of the body’s fluids such as urine, blood and saliva. There is a certain reference range of each which indicates whether the substance in the body is present at a normal, abnormal or average level. 

A urine analysis is done to detect and manage a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes and to check your overall health, to check for any diagnosed condition, or manage a medical condition. 

Blood tests on the other hand, are used to help doctors check for certain diseases or conditions. Blood tests help doctors see how the organs are functioning, such as the kidneys, thyroid, heart, and liver. It also helps to check for diseases and conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia and coronary heart disease. Blood tests also help check whether medicines you’re taking are working and helps assess how well your blood is clotting. 

You can get your lab test done at doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and blood test clinics. These samples are taken and sent to laboratories for intense analyzation and to derive biological elements from. 

So, why should we do lab tests? 

Lab tests help you and your doctor identify any biological deficiencies within the body which may lead to more serious conditions and help prevent them from becoming more serious in the future. 

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