Maintaining Liver Health

Last week we talked about why the liver is such an essential organ of our body. We also talked about the different functions it has and how liver impairment leads to serious health issues. This week we will look further into liver health. We will discuss the risk factors for liver disease and what we can do to prevent it from developing. In Canada, a large number of people have liver disease, and a lot of the cases are linked with obesity.

Here are some things that we could change in our lifestyles to keep liver disease at bay:
1. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and obesity:
Obesity is one of the most important risk factors for liver disease. Obesity involves fat deposition in the body. It also includes fat build-up on vital organs such as the liver. When too much fat deposits on the liver, it damages the tissues resulting in a swelled up liver leading to liver impairment. Exercise and physical activity help to manage body weight, use up excess fat, and keep the liver in a healthy working condition. Eating a healthy diet is also important in maintaining your liver’s health. Speak to our pharmacists at Guildview pharmacy for information on a healthy diet.
2. Excessive alcohol consumption: The liver is the primary organ that metabolizes alcohol along with other undesired and often damaging substances. Too much alcohol consumption puts a lot of load on the liver and also leads to fatty liver, which damages the liver tissue. We recommend that alcohol consumption be limited to 1-2 drinks a day for women and 2-3 drinks a day for men.
3. Uncontrolled coexisting medical conditions: Coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, if not adequately controlled, also affect the liver’s health. Therefore, it is crucial to keep these conditions under control and have regular appointments with appropriate healthcare providers. For more information, please visit or call Guildview pharmacy and our pharmacists would help you in achieving your target levels.
4. Current or past use of injection drugs/ Unsanitary body piercing or tattoos: Unsafe behaviors that expose blood to hepatitis viruses are currently the leading cause of liver disease in Canada. These practices should be avoided at best. However, if that is not possible then it is recommended to ensure that they are done under sanitary conditions.
5. Unsafe sex: Having unprotected sex with multiple partners is also a risk factor for viral hepatitis. Barrier protection is recommended to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

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