Benefits of Having a Local Pharmacy

There are many benefits involved in going to your local pharmacy. Here are a few:

Personalized Advice

Using the same local pharmacy mean that your medical records are readily available. In addition, the staff are aware of your health needs and the medicine you need to take. Because of this the pharmacist can help address health issues if they arise, offering customized recommendations. This source of information is unlike the mass amount of inaccurate information on the internet which can lead to feelings of unsureness.

At Guildview Pharmacy Ltd., we are becoming increasingly involved in the delivery of professional services in order to support your health. Some of these services include immunizations, free prescription deliveries, free blister packs, diabetes management, blood pressure monitoring and medicine checks.

Quality Customer Service

Using your local pharmacy allows your pharmacist to build a strong relationship with you. Your local pharmacist is an expert at providing medical advice, including their use, benefits, and side effects. By having a relationship where they know your medical needs can help maximize the health benefits you can receive.

If you are ever experiencing a negative reaction towards a certain medication you are taking, your local pharmacist will be aware of your health history, allergies and other important information needed to act appropriately.

A Direct Line to your Doctor

When your doctor needs to be contacted, your local pharmacist is able to communicate directly with your doctor. This will save you from having to travel all the way to your doctor’s office to clarify a prescription. In addition, if a prescription needs to be modified to better benefit you, your local pharmacist can make those recommendations directly to your doctor.

Written By: Penny Liu

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