Health Care During COVID-19

We are in an unprecedented situation and it has been challenging for almost all of us. From practicing self-isolation and social distancing to not knowing how to make the best use of time that we suddenly have on our hands, we are all in a state of confusion.

But the good thing is that we are in it together.

Unprepared for this COVID19 pandemic, the healthcare system has faced numerous hurdles in providing care to our citizens. However, seeing it as a challenge, we tried to overcome all the obstacles and made sure that everyone is able to receive optimal care.

At Guildview pharmacy, we too have been working actively to provide care of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in developing therapeutic relationships with our patients. Throughout the COVID19 pandemic situation we have stayed in contact with our patients through virtual links, such as phone calls, and have tended to their health needs. For instance, on doing a regular follow-up call with one of our patients, we found out that the patient had developed swelling in his feet that was related to his heart condition. After making a thorough assessment, we contacted his doctor and recommended that he receives treatment to resolve the swelling. Additionally, we also pointed out certain inadequacies in his therapy and suggested appropriate changes. His doctor collaborated with us and implemented our recommendations. This is just one of the examples of how we have been trying to provide care to our patients.

For us, providing patient centered care is our primary goal. Even through the COVID19 crisis, we have been making sure that our patients are receiving therapy tailored to their needs and resources. For example, some of our patients who are not willing or do not have the means to pay for their therapy, we try to help them by recommending alternate medications that are similarly effective and more affordable. Alternatively, we help them figure out ways of having their medications covered under governmental plans.

We also believe in empowering our patients through information sharing and making them aware of different therapeutic options available to them so that they can make informed decisions.

All in all, we have stayed together in these trying pandemic times and that is our strength. We further plan on expanding this family to be able to provide our customized services to a wider population.

Written By: Yumna

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