Tobacco Smoking is Treatable

Tobacco, when smoked or chewed, releases a number of chemical compounds in our body. The most notable of them is nicotine, which is also the reason why smoking is addictive. When we smoke a cigarette containing tobacco, a considerable amount of nicotine goes into our brain and activates the brain’s reward pathways. It also increases the level of dopamine, known as the feel-good hormone, and by doing so it reinforces the brain’s rewarding response. In addition to nicotine, there are certain other compounds too that have a stimulating effect on the brain and contribute to the gratifying experience of smoking a cigarette. As a result of this activity in the brain, we feel more alert, active, focused and/or happy. Hence, we want to do it more and more

often as our brain likes that response.

Another factor that contributes to the addictive effect of nicotine is the rapid delivery and short duration of action of the compound. When smoked, nicotine reaches the brain in just a few minutes and starts producing its effects. These effects are, however, short-lived and last around 60-90 minutes thereby forcing repeated administrations to maintain nicotine levels. Nicotine may have a sharpening or easing effect on our minds but the harms of smoking far outweigh any benefits. When used for prolonged periods of time, nicotine narrows the blood vessels, hardens them, and significantly increases the risk of heart disease. Provided that tobacco is highly addictive, it may not be easy to stop smoking. Whether it will be easy or hard to quit smoking for life usually depends on the extent to which someone is addicted. For example, smoking a cigarette within a few minutes of waking up is an indicator of high level of dependence.

Fortunately, there is help available and is backed by scientific evidence. If you have been thinking about or trying to quit smoking, come visit Guildview pharmacy for a free detailed counseling session on quitting smoking. We understand that tobacco smoking is a mental condition and needs to be managed. Our pharmacists are trained in quit smoking therapies and will help you make a customized quit plan addressing all your concerns and questions.

You are not alone in your fight against smoking. we are here to help you. Just come and talk to us.And remember that most people are not able to quit for life in their first attempt. What is important is trying, because as long as you are trying, it is a success.

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